Arts Unframed

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You are invited to an arts and sciences event that breaks the mold! Arts Unframed is an open forum for teaching, learning, displaying, demonstrating, performing, sharing, meeting people, working on projects, and whatever else you can devise.

Date: September 30, 2017

Event Hours: 9 AM to 5 PM

Fees: Adult Site Fee - $15 ($5 discount with membership); Children and Youth under 18 – Free Entrance;
Lunch - $5


Laurel Scavenger Hunt: Find and talk to Laurels on site to broaden your contacts and knowledge.  Collect their signatures to earn a prize!

Arts and Sciences Consultation: Talk to experts in various arts about your research, interests, works in progress, or potential projects.  This is a great opportunity to get feedback and advice for possible A&S competition entries!

Hands-On Area: Artisans will share their skills with you by letting you give their craft a try!

 Display, Demonstrate, Teach:  All artisans and researchers of any level are invited to display their work and skills.  A display could be as simple or as complex as you wish.  A demonstration can last for 15 minutes or all day.  Teach others a skill if you want, at whatever depth or time you wish.


Perform: Performers are invited to practice, try out new works, or share a favorite.  An area will be available for performances all day.


Book Sharing: Bring three books to share and, if you feel comfortable doing so, leave them in the supervised book area for others to browse.  Consider bringing either the “Bible” of your art that everyone should be familiar with, or those rare treasures that few of us would usually have the chance to enjoy.


Work on Projects: Use the central open space to work on projects, chat, and just hang out!