Geyer Computers has had the privelege to build custom systems for customers in the financial, commercial, and industrial sectors, as well as the private sector.

We have also built custom servers for corporate clients.

We are happy to provide price quotes for custom builds for you.  Please e-mail with the specifics (the more detail, the better.  This can include the intended use, or specific hardware if you already know what you want).

We tend to build AMD-based systems, and Intel or AMD servers.  The reason for this is that AMD provides good perfomance at less cost.  We have built and will build Intel systems if that is your preference.

We have also worked with customers to spec computers from Dell and other manufactorers, and we have done in home setup of our computers and of other brands of computers.

We have performed upgrades/repairs on Dell, HP, Asus, and other brands of desktop and laptop computers.